• We at the 3D Food Company want to change to way you think about food. By blending the latest in 3D Printing technology and digital design we’ve partnered with top chefs, artisans and engineer’s to create foods that truly inspire.


    Whether you are a chef looking to amaze, an artist looking to inspire or a company looking to innovate our team of experts are on hand to take your culinary experience to a whole new level.

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  • We are on hand to help you create things never before seen in the culinary world. Our multi-disciplined design team thrive on creating unforgettable foods and experiences. Utilizing our expertise in 3D printing, prototyping and digital fabrication we can help you forge magic unlike anything you've seen before.

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    Edible Branding

  • Our team of designers are on hand to work alongside your team to develop truly magical dishes. Whether it’s simply an image, concept sketch or 3D file, we can build on your idea to create a truly personalized experience.

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  • Our goal at the 3D food company is to revolutionize the way the world thinks about food - get in touch with us now and learn how we can push the boundaries of your next food adventure.

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