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  • Our team is constantly innovating in the food sphere, and alongside our partners we aim to blur the line between food and technology. We work to develop methods that give chefs and artisans the tools to create in ways previously unimaginable.


    Got an idea that’s never been done before? Those are the ones that get us the most excited, get in touch to make your ideas a reality….

  • As part of our ongoing partnership with leading chef Aniello Turco, our team brought the power of precision laser engraving into the kitchen. By recreating complex geometry on a level only a machine can produce and pairing it alongside the experience and expertise of an award winning chef – the result was truly amaze.

  • Made in collaboration with partners La Galleria, The Winged Lion of San Marco was created by way of 3D printing technology and mold and casting techniques. The one of a kind sugar-based sculpture blurs the lines between Food, Art and Technology. Celebrating Venetian culture the crystal sculpture, formed from 100% sugar, formed the center piece of Italian Embassy’s Venetian celebration event.

  • In collaboration with Celebrity Chef Antoine Bunel, the iconic logo of the Mercedes S-Class was recreated to serve as a showpiece dish during the Mercedes anniversary event in Beijing, China.


    As a leading figure in the food industry, Chef Antoine Bunel has made a name for himself with Jomi , a highly praised French restaurant in Beijing, and online where he has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and has repeatedly been ranked as one of the leading figures in the food and beverage sphere.